'Which One Of My Garbage Sons Are You?' Quiz Results Black T-shirt $22.00

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Terrible tidings for you: You are the Dreaded Laramie. You are a junk son - a true dump child from the swamp. Everyone who knows you fears you because they are aware that you make life sour. Your interests include loud crimes with minimal jail sentences, making nighttime last longer, and watching movies where someone who looks like your nice dad explodes or gets killed by a mummy. That’s who you are. You’re the dreaded Laramie. Way to go.

• Black soft cotton 4.3 oz slim fit t-shirt
• 100% combed ringspun cotton

Sizes   Width
S         35" - 36"

M         37" - 39"

L         40" - 42"

XL       43" - 45"

2XL     46" - 48"